Sunday, June 26, 2011

5K and Fun Run FAQs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I walk instead of run?
    • Yes, of course! You can choose to walk all or part of the 5K. You can also choose to walk in the 1-Mile Fun Run. Either option is totally acceptable!
  • How long does the 5K take if I walk the whole thing?
    • Slow walkers are done in about an hour. If you are a moderate or fast-paced walker, it will take less time than that.
  • Can I bring a stroller?
    • Yes. Be aware that the majority of the 5K will be on a granite path and asphalt. It accommodates strollers pretty well. People with strollers will line up at the end of the starting line.
  • Can I bring a pet?
    • Pets are allowed in the park, but they are not allowed in the stadium. The 5K starts in the stadium and ends in the stadium. The Fun Run and other activities are inside the stadium.
  • Are there restrooms?
    • Yes, there are men's and women's restrooms next to the stadium.
  • Is there a baby changing station in the restroom?
    • No. However, we are providing a private, shaded area that includes a changing table, along with chairs for nursing mothers.
  • Is there shade?
    • Many of the booths at the event will be shaded. There will also be a cooling off station behind the west bleachers that will be shaded. However, the stadium bleachers are in the sun. Feel free to bring umbrellas to help keep you and your family shaded.
  • Is water available?
    • Yes. There are drinking fountains near the restrooms. Also, there will be water stations and a cooling off area behind the west bleachers. There will be also be water stations along the 5K course.
  • Will there be first aid available?
    • Yes. There will be a medical tent that is staffed with medical personnel and supplies.
  • What about parking? Where is the parking? Is there parking for disabled individuals?
    • PLEASE CARPOOL! Due to the overwhelming response for this event, we expect that all parking spaces will be taken. There are several spaces for the disabled on both the west and east sides of the stadium. Follow the signs to the stadium parking.
  • Can I bring camping chairs if I don't want to sit in the bleachers?
    • Yes. There should be plenty of space within the stadium area to accommodate people who want to bring their own chairs.
  • How long is a 5K?
    • 5K is 5 kilometers, which is the equivalent of 3.2 miles. The start and finish lines will be in the stadium, but the majority of the race will be on the granite trails outside the stadium. Rogue Running will measure the race course to ensure that the distance is accurate.
  • How long is the Fun Run?
    • It is one mile – four laps around the track inside the stadium.
  • What is chip timing?
    • The 5K will be chip timed, which means that participants will run or walk with a computer chip attached to your running shoe. As you move across a special mat at the starting line, the chip registers that you've started the race. Then, as you cross the finishing line, the chip registers that you've finished the race. So, in other words, the amount of time that it takes you to reach the starting line (since most people are not right at the front of the race) doesn't count in your overall time. When you register for a race, you receive your borrowed chip, programmed with your information, at the same time you get your race bib. The chip usually attaches to your shoelaces, although some are connected to a Velcro strap that goes around your ankle. At the end of the race, someone will be there to collect the chip from you.
  • As a participant, do I need to solicit sponsors or pledges?
    • No. Your only responsibility is to register and pay your entry fee. And encourage your friends and family to join you!
  • How do I volunteer?
  • What is the deadline for registration?
    • You can register online through August 12. However, to receive a t-shirt and pay the lower entry fee of $25 for the 5K, you must register no later than July 13. If you want to participate in the Fun Run and receive a t-shirt, you must register and pay the entry fee of $15 no later than July 13. Please note that the July 13 deadline will most likely be extended as soon as we know our deadline for ordering the t-shirts!
  • Can I register on race day?
    • Yes! Registration opens at 6:30am at the stadium. The entry fee for the 5K is $30. The entry fee for the Fun Run is up to you.
  • Can I register by mail and pay with a check?
    • Yes. Please send an email to to request a registration form that you can print and mail along with your check.
  • Can I donate even if I don't walk or run but want to attend the event anyway?
    • Yes, of course! On the registration page, select the option for Team Jaylie Donation Only (No t-shirt). You can also buy raffle tickets at the event or place your donation in the donation boxes at the event.
  • Can I donate if I can't attend the event?
  • Will there be food for sale at the event?
    • No. However, there will be healthy snacks provided for those who participate in the 5K and Fun Run. There is also a beverage vending machine at the stadium (proceeds from the vending machine do not go to Team Jaylie).
  • Is there anything I'll need money for?
    • If you would like to buy raffle tickets ($1 each), t-shirts, wristbands, or tutus, bring along some extra cash! You may also drop a donation in our donation collection box!

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